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1 Aplication Form on Wed Jul 22, 2015 2:53 am

Here's our form:

What's your name? George

Where are you from? Bulgaria.

How old are you? 22.

How much time can you dedicate daily? 3-6 hours.

What other servers besides L2InC did you play? Much random servers last time i play at l2Neo and l2Blaze.

What's your ingame character name? Polinka.Gaffo

Have you been in another clan on L2InC? If yes name those clans and reason why you left or were kicked. Much random clans no one good befo years i played at Fallen Angels but in time clan die ...

What class do you currently play? Soultaker.

Since when do you play that class? 4-5 Years.

What gear do you currently have? 6x Am+0 Dc robe set, TLM Heavy set.

Why u wanna join us? I looking for someone good clan with much pvp frendly peoples and ofc best fun ever

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